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X Rebirth VR
X Rebirth
X³: Albion Prelude
X³: Terran Conflict
X³: Reunion
X²: La Minaccia
X: BtF

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Ottieni navi, dai piccoli scout alle GIGANTESCHE CARRIER
MIGLIORA i loro sistemi e create FLOTTE enormi.
PILOTA TUTTE LE NAVI dal loro cockpit o ponte e comandale da remoto con una POTENTE MAPPA.

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Scopri nuove tecnologie come il TELETRASPORTO da un’antica installazione Terrestre.

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Completa libertà e creatività nel costruire stazioni.
STAZIONI E MODULI INDUSTRIALI possono essere connessi liberamente
per costruire installazioni militari o per una fiorente economia.

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UN UNIVERSO ENORME ti attende con opportunità di esplorazione infinite:
Esplora l’universo per trovare risorse minerarie e CREARE OGGETTI.

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Inizia X4 da diverse punti di vista.
RAPPRESENTA DIVERSE FAZIONI con differenti navi e tecnologie.
Ogni inizio offre una nuova visione dell’universo, ma è sempre possibile SBLOCCARE TUTTO.

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Le fazioni costruiscono nuove stazioni ed si espandono dinamicamente per REAGIRE AL MERCATO e alle minacce militari.
Ogni partita può portare a nuove e inaspettate evoluzioni dell’intero universo.

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Commercia con una singola nave o GESTISCI un impero che compete con intere civiltà.
UNA ECONOMIA COMPLETAMENTE SIMULATA E DINAMICA capace di reagire ai cambiamenti ad ogni livello.

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Facebook: EgosoftGmbH

Twitter: @EGOSOFT

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26.Sep.17 2nd Twitch Live Stream on Sept 27th
Join us for our second live stream on Twitch on Wednesday, September 27th at 20:00 CEST (11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 18:00 GMT / 19:00 BST) https://www.twitch.tv/egosoftofficial We will be taking questions from viewers on the discussed topics and try to answer as many as we can during the stream. If you want to be informed when we go live, you can follow our channel and enable notifications....

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12.Sep.17 XNEWS September 2017
08.Sep.17 X Rebirth update 4.21 coming soon
EGOSOFT has put X Rebirth 4.21 in open beta today (details here) and will release a major update to X Rebirth VR edition after the weekend. We are sorry about delaying the X Rebirth VR Edition update, but there were some unforeseen complications with a Vulkan update and the new Oculus environment. Our update for X Rebirth VR Edition will have to be released together with the Oculus Update 1.18. Stay tuned!...

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25.Aug.17 XCON Twitch Channel
We are getting closer to XCON and our plans on how to reveal X4 online are also getting more concrete. It looks like we will have quite a few visitors in our small office. That's great and we think we are prepared for the masses; everybody should be able to play at least 10 minutes of any VR version they would like to test (Oculus, Vive, with VR controller, gamepad or with HOTAS and VR combined). LIVE STREAM and Q&A: Those of you who cannot join us in Würselen will be able to see a live stream of the event and of the X4 presentation. Because of the sheer number of visitors we will try to make one large presentation for everybody, and stream it to all of our rooms. You can ask questions from anywhere within the office AND from the internet through our new Twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/egosoftofficial See you on Saturday 15:00 CEST (13:00 GMT/UTC, 14:00 BST) !!...

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15.Aug.17 XCON on Saturday, Aug 26th at Egosoft HQ in Würselen, Germany
You are all invited to visit our studio on Saturday, August 26th. In the time between 15:00 and 19:00. We will be talking about X4 for the first time and also give you a first look at the game. Another thing you can do is to try out "X Rebirth VR Edition" on different systems and discuss with our team. During the four hours we will be making smaller presentations of X4 to allow everybody to see the new material and ask questions. If you haven't signed up already, you can register to join the event here: XCON 2017 Registration After confirming your email-address you will receive a message with additional event details....

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