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X²: The Threat

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Gameplay > Combat > X²: The Threat

Dans cette catégorie vous trouverez les réponses au sujet du gameplay , c'est à dire le micro management d'un petit empire. Les jeux eux mêmes sont divisé dans leur propre catégorie , weillez donc à choisir un jeu dans le menu de gauche.

Vous voulez savoir comment détruire un croiseur avec un éclaireur ou savoir comment venir à bout d'un amas Khaak ? Dans cette section vous trouverez de l'aide.

  • [FR] Comment fonctionnent les comabt HS (hors secteur) ?
  • [EN] What are the differences between the different kinds of weapons?
  • [EN] What do all those letters mean in the weapon descriptions?
  • [EN] Why do I lose speed when my ship is damaged where the AI Ships do not?
  • [EN] Why use PPCs when HEPTs are more powerful?

  • [EN] How do I destroy fighters in a capital ship?
  • [EN] How do I fight in an M4?
  • [EN] How do I go about capital ship combat?
  • [EN] I keep being out-manoeuvred and being destroyed. How can I become a better pilot?
  • [EN] Is it possible to fight in an M5?
  • [EN] OK, I'm in an M3. Now how do I fight?
  • [EN] What about combat in an M6?
  • [EN] What am I doing wrong? I'm in my M5 and when I attack anything I die within seconds!
  • [EN] Which M6 should I buy?

  • [EN] How can I protect my ships when I'm not there?
  • [EN] I've got a TL/M2/M1 doing nothing, can I use that to protect a sector?
  • [EN] What about a squadron of fighters for out of sector defence (OOSD)?

  • [EN] Capturing? What's that?
  • [EN] How do I capture a ship? Can anyone do it?
  • [EN] How do I make money through capturing?
  • [EN] I've heard it is possible to capture Khaak ships. Is it true?
  • [EN] I've heard it is possible to capture corvettes (M6s). Is it true?
  • [EN] Is capturing a good way of making a living?
  • [EN] Is it possible to capture another ship if I'm not actually flying the attacking ship?
  • [FR] J'ai entendu qu'il était possible de capturer de Xenon K , est-ce vrai ?
  • [EN] So, I'm flying an M5. Can I still go capturing?
  • [EN] Well, I've captured a few ships and now it's time to upgrade. What should I buy?
  • [EN] What am I doing wrong? I keep getting killed trying to capture an M3 in my M5.
  • [EN] What am I doing wrong? The pilot of the ship I'm trying to capture won't bail out.
  • [EN] What are the best tactics to use for capturing?
  • [EN] What are the best weapons for capturing?
  • [EN] What can I capture?
  • [EN] What can I do? I can't find a lone ship to try to capture.
  • [EN] What can I do? My captured ships keep getting destroyed.
  • [EN] What combat rank do I have to be to capture ships?
  • [EN] What ship do I need to be flying to capture another ship?
  • [EN] What ships are worth capturing?
  • [EN] What’s the best ship to target for my first capture?
  • [EN] Where can I find more targets to capture?
  • [EN] Where can I find some more specific advice?
  • [EN] Will the races mind me capturing? What is the capturing code?
  • [EN] Wow, I've captured a Khaak ship! What weapons can I put in it?
  • [EN] Yes, I've read all the FAQs and guides, but I still cant capture. What can I do?

  • [EN] What does a Ion Disruptor do?
  • [EN] What does a Mass Driver do?
  • [EN] What does a Phased Shockwave Generator do?
  • [EN] What is a Kyon Emitter (or Unknown Object as it sometimes appears)?

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