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14.Jan.19 Forum Server Maintenace - completed
Forum server maintenance has been concluded and normal operations have resumed.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
posted by BurnIt!
20.Dec.18 X4: Foundations - Update1.50 and Online Ventures BETA
We are happy to announce today the availability of Update 1.50 of X4: Foundations. It adds the ability to ask people for directions, reintroduces a more talkative Betty shipboard computer and fixes a long list of issues. With this update, the game now also gets its first ever X online mode called Online Ventures.

Video explaining 1.5 and Online Ventures

X4: Foundations - Online Ventures

As a Christmas gift, the Egosoft team today releases our first experimental online gameplay mode for any X game into BETA. We call it "Online Ventures".

With X4: Foundations online ventures, every player can send a ship into other players' universes and allow visitors into their own.

Visitors to your universe can easily be identified in HUD and on the map.

They will see your ships the way you designed and decorated them (an exception is if you created your own custom logo).

Assign ship to a venture dock before sending it into a parallel universe.

After building a VENTURE PLATFORM and a VENTURE DOCK, you can send any S or M ship on a selected venture.

Different ventures unlock different rewards. For now they are all safe!

Ventures can take anywhere from one hour to several (real-time) days and will, with a bit of luck, unlock some exclusive rewards on success.

Every player can get one venture platform and one venture dock and build it on any station or on his or her player HQ.

More information about how this works can be found in our X4: Foundations Manual. We want to thank Dave "Sparky" Parker, Dom "Snafu_X3" Hughes, DrSuperEvil, Euclid, YorrickVander and many other WIKI contributors for their irreplaceable help with the X4: Foundations manual and WIKI.

IT'S A BETA - More to come soon!

While the online venture gameplay is now available to all with the normal version of X4: Foundations on Steam and GOG, the online feature itself is still in BETA. There is no risk to your savegames or to stability, but the ventures themselves might go wrong.

Participation in this new online mode is entirely optional and only possible with one unmodified savegame at a time!

X4: Foundations Soundtrack now available

In case you did not get the Collectors Edition with the included soundtrack, there is also now the option to listen to Alexei Zakharov's great X4 Soundtrack via most music download and streaming platforms.

Happy holidays and a great 2019!

Happy holidays from the entire team. We are very much looking forward to building on this great FOUNDATION that is X4 with updates and expansions in 2019!

posted by CBJ
05.Dec.18 Forum Server Maintenace
To better cope with the influx of new players our forum server will be moving to better hardware today.

We expect a downtime of a few hours until everything is back online and hopefully much more responsive.

UPDATE: Forum server migration complete.
posted by BurnIt!
01.Oct.18 X4: FOUNDATIONS - Date de sortie, prix et plus encore  (68 Comments)
EGOSOFT est très heureux de vous annoncer la longtemps attendue 4ème partie de la série des X :
X4: FOUNDATIONS sera disponible sur Steam et sur egosoft.com le 30 novembre 2018

X4: FOUNDATIONS est notre SIMULATION d'univers la plus sophistiquée à ce jour. Gérez vos atouts ou EXPLOREZ l'espace en personne. PILOTEZ TOUS LES VAISSEAUX! COMMERCEZ et COMBATTEZ pour CONSTRUIRE votre empire avec la construction modulaire des stations et REFLECHISSEZ soigneusement quand vous partez pour une aventure épique.

X4: Foundations - Un démarrage dans l'Univers X

X4: FOUNDATION aura un univers vraiment grand dès le début. S'y trouvent installés plusieurs factions des argons, des teladis ou des paranids, chacune avec de multiples et complexes économies. Les paranids par exemple, un race avec des croyances religieuses très profondes, se sont déchirés en deux empires en compétitions et la guerre fait maintenant rage entre les deux.
Et puis il y a aussi, bien entendu, de nombreux adversaires potentiels. Ceux où vous aurez le choix, comme les différentes factions pirates, et ceux où vous n'aurez rien à dire, comme les célèbres et détestés Xénons : un race d'intelligences artificielles avancées, construites il y a longtemps par l'humanité elle-même pour aider à la colonisation de l'espace.

Il y aura des extensions, qui amèneront plus de races, leurs vaisseaux, leurs stations et de nombreuses missions dans l'Univers de X4. Notre objectif est de sortir la première grosse extension d'ici un an.

X4: FOUNDATIONS sera disponible pour 49,99 € (49,99 $) le 30 novembre.

Pré-commandez l'Edition Collector de
X4: FOUNDATIONS aujourd'hui

A partir d'aujourd'hui, vous pouvez précommander l'Edition Collector digital et obtenir:
  • X4: Foundations
  • un mod de peinture exclusif aux pré-commandes (nécessite un compte de la communauté egosoft connecté à un compte Steam)
  • l'artbook digital 2018 de l'Univers X : appréciez l'art derrière la conception de l'Univers X.
  • Nouvelle X : Nopileos par Helge Kautz en ebook anglais et allemand.
  • Bande son digitale : téléchargez la musique, dont les versions exclusives du trailer et du teaser, avec la meilleure qualité possible.
  • L'Edition Collector X4 inclura aussi les deux premières extensions pour
    • la première extension est prévue pour sortir en 2019
    • la date de la seconde sera dévoilée plus tard.
Commandez l'Edition Collector de X4: FOUNDATIONS maintenant au prix réduit de 74,99 € (74,99 $) sur:

le magasin en ligne d'Egosoft : https://www.egosoft.com/shop

ou sur Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/392160/X4_Foundations/

Regardez le trailer officiel de X4: FOUNDATION et la nouvelle démo des mécanismes de jeu ici.
posted by BurnIt!
21.Sep.18 Forum Update week of Sept 24th-28th, Downtimes  (128 Comments)
It's finally happening - we are upgrading our forum software to the latest version!
The important bit first: yes, we will be importing all forums, topics, posts, private messages and attachments into the new version!

Expected downtimes during the upcoming days:
Sept 22nd/23rd: Website and forum will be offline for about 2 hours.
Sept 24th-28th: Forum will be offline for about 2 hours. Website may go offline for a few minutes.
This post will be updated with more exact times as the work progresses.

The picture shows a preview of the new look.

We've made plenty of custom changes to this forum over the past almost 16 years, some of which are being made irrelevant by the new software, others we've ported but some will not make it (at least not right away).
With over 4.6 million posts and 400,000 users this is a rather big task with many moving parts so changes to the upgrade schedule may be required at short notice.

Read more details in the related forum topic.
posted by BurnIt!
05.Jun.18 30 Years of EGOSOFT games - June 2018 Celebration Month!  (71 Comments)
While we've been working away on X4: Foundations, it has come to our attention, that it has been 30 years since our first game, Hotel Detective, was released back in June 1988 on the Amiga!

As we hit this milestone, we invite you to celebrate with us throughout June 2018!

First off, while we have been keeping relatively quiet on X4: Foundations as of late, rest assured that we are still hard at work. While we may not have any large X4 data-bursts this month, we do want to share some never-before-seen screenshots of our upcoming game. We hope you enjoy them!

To help celebrate the 30 years, will have a new Live Stream on our Twitch channel, on June 20th at 19:00 CEST (18:00 BST, 12:00 CDT, 10:00 PDT).

In this stream we will try to show some of our earliest games and talk a bit about the history of the company and how it has changed over the decades.

Speaking of our games, the EGOSOFT Shop is running with a discount for the month of June!

And finally, we would like to thank you, the community, for all the support over the many years. 30 years is an achievement we are incredibly proud of and we could not have done it without you!

Here's to many more,
posted by Xenon_Slayer
07.Mar.18 Stream? Did somebody say.... stream? (X3AP)  (55 Comments)
[Invitation Detail]
Event: X3AP Stream
Date: 2018-03-16
Time: 19:00 CET
Location: Egosoft Twitch Channel ( https://www.twitch.tv/egosoftofficial )
Participants: The Internet
Language: The Queen's English
[Invitation Detail End]

[Invitation Begin]
Greetings, fellow spacefarers!

We know a lot of you have been clamouring for another developer stream for our next game, X4: Foundations, for some time now. Since we came back from our Christmas and New Year holidays, we've been working very hard on further development of the project, so haven't yet found time to put together another X4 stream. While we've so far really enjoyed our streaming experience, we want to make sure that our streams aren't bogged down in small technical details that not everyone can appreciate, but instead are interesting and exciting.

So one of our developers, Owen "Xenon_Slayer" Lake, had an idea.

Because we still want to stream and have some interaction with you, but we don't have anything new and shiny to show for X4 just yet, he thought, "Why not just sit back, relax with Twitch Chat and play X3: Albion Prelude for a little while?" We really liked this idea, so we decided to make it happen!

With that in mind, you're invited to join Owen and Lorraine "Lothari" Wilson, for a live stream of X3: Albion Prelude on Friday the 16th March at 19:00 CET. Not just invited to watch though - they would like you to direct them. Being the... experts? that they are, simply playing the game would be too easy! They would like you to give us an interesting challenge that they can try to fulfil in a two- to three-hour window. You can post your suggestions as replies to this post - they'll annouce what they're going to try at the start of the stream.

Hope to see you there!
Egosoft Team
[Invitation End]
posted by Lothari
22.Dec.17 Happy Holidays and have a great start into 2018!  (13 Comments)
We wish all X fans happy holidays and a great start into 2018!

posted by BurnIt!
13.Dec.17 X4 Foundations - Twitch stream recording from Dec 13th, 2017  (46 Comments)
posted by BurnIt!
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