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23.Mar.19 Twitter Updates  follow us on twitter
    30.Oct.08 Update 1.2.1 hotfix now available for X: Terran Conflict  (249 Comments)
    Rather than keep you waiting for the full set of fixes and enhancements planned for the next full patch, we have made a 1.2.1. hotfix available which addresses a performance issue that increased over time. A number of other small fixes are also included in this patch, but fixes to the plot and other missions require further testing and will be released in the 1.3 patch which we plan to deliver as soon possible.

    As always you can find the update in our download section.

    Attention: This update is not compatible with the Steam-version of X3TC! The Steam-client will automatically downloaded the updated files.
    posted by BurnIt!
    23.Oct.08 The ultimate X3: Terran Conflict Video Competition  (88 Comments)
    Hello X-Community!

    Bernd and EGOSOFT posted in the 'Creative Universe' forum about a great X3: Terran Conflict Video Competition. There are great prizes on offer, but only if you participate. We are searching for the best stage director in the known X-Universe - Means, your talent and skill is asked.

    There are following conditions of participation:

    1. Each participant can upload only one video and the video shouldn't exceed 10 minutes in length.

    2. Egosoft staff and their dependents are excluded from the participation.

    3. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded. Closing date is the 30th of november 2008.
    To record your in-game videos you should use software, such as FRAPS. It is a windows application able of capturing realtime videos up to a resolution of 2560x1600 pixel.

    The prizes range from electronics and books, through to DVDs and PC Games, and not just ones developed by EGOSOFT. We'd like to see as many of you as possible participating in the competition and wish you all the best!

    You can find specific details on how to participate in the Announcement of the Announcement for the X3: Terran Conflict Video Competition.
    posted by Belisarius
    18.Oct.08 Forum stability issues
    We are experiencing some technical difficulties with our forum server at the moment.
    While we are working on fixing the problem we have activated a temporary backup server to take over forum duties.

    Please note that this is just a temporary solution, so don't update your shortcuts, as forum.egosoft.com will be back!
    posted by BurnIt!
    16.Oct.08 Update 1.2 now available for X: Terran Conflict  (124 Comments)
    With copies of X: Terran Conflict finding their way into people's hands, we have made the first update available for download. From Terran Conflict's start-up configuration screen, click "Check for Updates". This will direct you to the patch download page. You may also navigate to the patch through the Download section of this site.

    Install 1.2 onto disk versions of X: Terran Conflict only! Steam users will be updated through Steam itself. If you bought your game via a different online-distribution system (e.g. gamesload) you will be able to get the update shortly. Savegame compatibility is maintained with 1.0.1.

    Update 1.2 includes new features, improved gameplay and several fixes. For a full list of changes in 1.2, please check the readme that comes with the update. Here is a brief summary of the changes:

    - A whole new mission to scan for valuable asteroids
    - Enabled mouse control in external view mode
    - When a target is lost, the nearest enemy is targeted automatically
    - Improved boarding crew functionality
    - Various improvements in the user interface
    - Adjustments to text and voice
    - Several other improvements and fixes

    As we have done for previous games we shall continue to improve the game and add content. Work on the next update is already underway. In the meantime, enjoy X: Terran Conflict 1.2!
    posted by Xenon_Slayer
    14.Oct.08 X-Universe News #30 - X3: Terran Conflict FAQ and Steam  (166 Comments)
    The wait is almost over! Soon you can hold your private copy of X3: Terran Conflict in your hands.
    Today we want to answer some frequently asked questions about Terran Conflict.

    Having said this: Welcome to the X-Universe News #30.
    posted by BurnIt!
    02.Oct.08 X3: Terran Conflict delayed (2)  (692 Comments)
    Unfortunately we have to report that the release of X3: Terran Conflict will be delayed by another week. A broken machine for the production of the game manuals forced our publisher to move the release date to October 17th, 2008.

    posted by BurnIt!
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