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25.Jun.20 Public Beta update 3.30 now available  (23 Комментарии)
Since the release of update 3.20 for X4: Foundations earlier this month, we've been working hard from our respective homes on more improvements and new features to be integrated into the game. We are happy to announce that we are starting the beta phase for the upcoming 3.30 update today.

What's the new crew transfer feature?
The crew transfer system has been completely overhauled in the 3.30 update to give players a new way to transfer crew between ships. While X4: Foundations previously required that this be done as an order, with the two ships having to meet first, there are now far fewer restrictions.

The transfer of crew members between two ships is now possible regardless of the location of the ships, with crew members to be moved now making their way directly to their new ship in transport capsules. You'll find the new user interface for crew transfer as part of the Empire Overview in X4: Foundations.

With the 3.30 update, these new crew transfers can be initiated from anywhere, whether you want to transfer only single crew members to another ship, or exchange complete crews in one go. You will also find it a lot easier to assign a captain to an unmanned ship, for example.

Public Beta Update 3.30 also includes the following changes, among others:
  • Improvements to alerts and notifications
  • More information on the Logical Station Overview
  • New map filters and key bindings
  • Enhancements and fixes to trade behaviour
  • Lots of smaller fixes and quality of life improvements
For the full change log to Public Beta Update 3.30, please visit our forum.

How do I participate in the Public Beta?
Everyone who owns X4: Foundations can download the Public Beta version of the game. In order to ensure that Public Beta participants are aware of the risks and rules involved, we ask all interested players to visit our forum to read the rules and disclaimers, as well as practical instructions on how to participate in the Public Beta. Follow this link to our forum (no registration required) to find the relevant information.

We would like to thank all beta testers and would be delighted if you would like to support us further. And of course we also welcome newcomers to the beta testing process.

Thanks for your continued support!
posted by Gregory
04.Jun.20 Обновление 3.20 для X4: Foundations уже доступно
Сегодня мы выпускаем еще одно значительное обновление для X4: Foundations. Патч 3.20 представляет новую функцию - Правила Торговли, которая дает вам более четкий контроль над покупкой и продажей любого товара на ваших станциях, и позволяет создавать для этих правил шаблоны, которые могут быть применены как ко всей вашей империи, так и к нескольким станциям или даже к отдельным товарам.

Но это еще далеко не все! Мы также ввели более простой способ делиться своими проектами станций с другими игроками, сделали множество облегчающих жизнь настроек меню, повысили точность турелей и вычесали целую кучу багов. Полный список изменений патча 3.20 можно найти здесь: ССЫЛКА

Обновите свою игру до 3.20 прямо сейчас, чтобы воспользоваться более чем 200 улучшениями. Наслаждайтесь космическими приключениями и берегите себя!
posted by Gregory
03.Jun.20 Доступны новые товары с символикой Вселенной-X
Сражаться или торговать? Боевые свершения или прибыль? Сплиты или Телади? Кого бы вы ни выбрали - толстовки и футболки обоих вариантов дизайна теперь доступны на bit.ly/x-merch. Сделайте свой выбор прямо сегодня, с доставкой по всему миру! В ближайшие месяцы появятся новые товары.

posted by Gregory
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