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27.Apr.23 Update 6.00 HF 2 now available  (59 コメント)
It has been two weeks since we released the significant 6.00 update and the X4: Kingdom End expansion. We wholeheartedly thank you for your support. The release day of 6.00 and X4: Kingdom End marked the most successful day for X4 since its original release in November 2018. Not only that, during the weekends following the 6.00 release, over 10,000 players have been playing X4 simultaneously. This phenomenal response delights us, and we are thrilled that our dedicated efforts over the past months and years have been well received.

We have just released Hotfix 2 for version 6.00, which addresses several issues, including pathing problems with an X4: Kingdom End mission in "Sanctuary of Darkness." Please review the complete changelog provided below, and we hope you continue to enjoy both 6.00 and X4: Kingdom End.

6.00 Hotfix 2
  • Fixed Queen's Herald gamestart not being unlocked by default.
  • Fixed The High Road mission not being offered if Boron story is set to complete in Creative Custom gamestart.
  • Fixed Repair Ship disappearing in Terran Secret Service story.
  • Fixed Hatikvah Arms Delivery mission not proceeding when delivering ships during Boron Plot.
  • Fixed Menelaus' Reminiscence getting stuck in hazardous region at end of The High Road mission.
  • Fixed The High Road mission not accepting temporary player ship back if provided consumables were used.
  • Fixed Geometric Owl being trapped in wrong position in Torus during Torus Aeternal mission of Pioneer Terraforming story.
  • Fixed suitless Boron sometimes being client for various missions.
  • Fixed Friends in Low Places achievement not triggering.
  • Fixed wrecks in Sanctuary of Darkness being destroyed and not awarding achievement.
  • Fixed hull damage from "thunder" region in Sanctuary of Darkness.
  • Fixed selection of navigation beacons for HQ warping not working in some gamestarts.
  • Fixed excessive explosive asteroids being created over time.
  • Fixed missing population numbers in most Boron systems.
  • Fixed missing illegal wares for Boron faction.
  • Fixed rare case of game incorrectly being detected as "modified" when entering Jupiter system.
  • Fixed freeze when changing graphics settings with game installed on very fast drive.
  • Fixed missing voice lines for English, French and German.
  • Fixed screen going black towards end of loading certain savegames.
  • Fixed specific case of stuttering.
posted by Gregory
19.Apr.23 Multiverse Team Seasons: Public Beta now available  (130 コメント)
Our new Multiverse Team Seasons Public Beta is ready for you to test. In this evolution of the earlier ventures feature you will get access to multiverse ships, and other exclusive rewards, by joining a coalition and embarking on exciting asynchronous team-based operations. With the brand-new Multiverse Team Seasons we're expanding the social aspect of X4: Foundations. You can now join a coalition, interact with your teammates and, most importantly, pursue a common goal as a team.

>> Youtube.com/Egosoft - Multiverse Team Seasons Explanation
>> Multiverse Team Seasons Public Beta Forum

Please find an extensive FAQ and step-by-step guide below.

Earn team loot, such as exclusive limited ships
At the end of a successful Season, loot will be distributed among your team. Rewards can include exclusive ships and paint mods, not available elsewhere.

The Yasur (pictured above) is a light fighter that will amaze you with its agility and speed. But don't let its small size mislead you; for a ship of this class, it is extremely well-armed and powerful. You can expect Multiverse Team Seasons reward ships to have quite an impact, so you'll only be able to have a limited number of them in your game, and no blueprints will be available.

Every player joining a team will earn at least one ship at the end of a Season, but the better your team the more loot you can gain!

Warning: any savegames created with this Multiverse Team Seasons Public Beta will NOT be compatible with the current public version of X4 (6.00).

How do I join?
We've prepared a step-by-step guide to explain how to join the Multiverse Team Seasons Public Beta. It is included beneath this FAQ section.

How are Teams and Coalitions formed?
To join a Season for the first time, you will need to choose which Coalition you want to side with. Coalitions are political groups in the X multiverse, and to start with there will be a choice of two. When choosing one coalition over the other, you will be deciding who your enemies are.

The next step is to choose your inner circle, in other words your Team. Teams are groups of players who have all joined the same Coalition, and who will pursue a common team goal by playing missions or online Ventures.

Building a Team can be as simple as joining a random one, or alternatively you can set up a party and invite friends. You will be able to send invitations to your friends, so that you will end up in the same Team, but any remaining free slots within that Team will be filled up automatically with other players.

How does my Team win? How is the score tracked?
By completing Ventures in the Operational Goal chapter, you will earn Team Shares. These will count towards the Season score, not only for your Team, but also for the Coalition you are associated with. At the end of the Season, the accumulated rewards are handed out to the Team - it's loot time! The more successful you, your Team, and your Coalition were during the Season, the more interesting the loot.

What does a Season look like? How long will a Season last? What can I get out of it?
During this Public Beta, a Season will last for approximately two months. During this time, players will play to increase their rank within a Team, as well as globally within their Coalition, and to achieve common goals. By contributing to your Coalition's win during a given Season, you can gain access to unique multiverse ships.

A Season is broken down into Operations; you can think of an Operation like a chapter in the overall story of a Season. Each Operation offers a selection of missions and online Ventures.

What are online Ventures? How do I play during a Season?
Each Season brings with it new missions, similar to those you know from the X4: Foundations plot. The Season also offers online Ventures, which are played by sending your ships into the multiverse. Ships at your Venture Dock can jump into the multiverse to visit other players' universes. Online Ventures can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to complete. During a single online Venture, your ship may travel to many different players' universes. These online Ventures are essentially tasks that your ship executes while in these universes, and can include attacks against opposing players. For example, your ships might attack stations or ships belonging to your rival Coalition, or they might support your own Coalition's forces.

Both local missions, that you play by yourself, and online Ventures can increase your standing within your Team, and may also increase your Team's chances of earning more loot at the end of the Season.

The Operation Overview menu shows which missions and online Ventures (marked with a red "v" icon) are available to play. You can also see which Ventures are currently being played by your teammates on the Multiverse Map.

Will I be able to play an unlimited number of online Ventures per Season?
There is no fixed limit; the limiting factor is the time taken by each online Venture. A single Venture Dock can only host a single ship at any one time, so if an online Venture takes an hour, the dock is blocked for that length of time. By using Brane Fuel, you can accelerate your Venture and finish them faster.

What is Brane Fuel, and how does it work?
Brane Fuel is a resource that your ships can mine in the multiverse. Brane Fuel can then be invested to accelerate your Venture, helping to complete them faster.

Will Multiverse Team Seasons feature stories or generic missions?
Yes! The idea is that each online Season can bring new stories, and new unique items, including exciting ships and upgrades.

Why can't I join Multiverse Team Seasons with my modified savegame?
Multiverse Team Seasons are a competitive activity, allowing you to make use of some of your achievements in your local universe to help in your online fight against other players. For this reason, we cannot allow modified games that potentially change the game balance, or give a player an unfair advantage.

As mentioned in the build up to the 6.00 release, we are looking into signing a selection of popular quality-of-life mods, so that activating these won't flag your game as "modified" any longer, and thus would give you access to Multiverse Team Seasons. This, however, is an ongoing process, and we will update you on it as decisions are made.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause some players, but we would like to encourage everyone to try out the Multiverse Team Seasons with an unmodified savegame. This does not prevent you from playing modified games in offline mode.

Step-by-step guide on how to join the Multiverse Team Seasons (Public Beta)

Step 0: During the Public Beta phase - join the mts_public_beta

  • Make sure that your savegames are backed up!
  • To start using the Public Beta version, right-click X4: Foundations in the Steam client
  • Select Properties and go to the Betas tab
  • Enter the password IBackedUpMyOfflineSaves
  • Select mts_public_beta from the dropdown list
  • To return to using the non-Beta version, select NONE from the same dropdown list
  • Make sure that your savegames are backed up!
  • Select X4: Foundations in your GOG Galaxy game collection
  • Click on the "Settings" icon
  • Click "manage installation" and "configure"
  • Select "Add Private Channels" in the Beta Channels options
  • Enter the password for the "MTS Public Beta" channel: IBackedUpMyOfflineSaves
  • Select the "MTS Public Beta" channel
  • To return to using the non-Beta version, click on the "Channel" dropdown and select "default"
Step 1: Create an Egosoft forum account and register your game
Create an Egosoft (forum) account at https://forum.egosoft.com/
Afterwards, register your game by following these platform specific instructions:

- Steam: Visit https://forum.egosoft.com/ucp.php?i=-egosoft-settings-ucp-gamereg_module&mode=gamereg and click the "Sign in through Steam" button. Follow the process and sign in using your Steam account. Your copy of X4 should automatically show up in the list of game registration codes.

- GOG: Visit https://www.gog.com/account and click on X4. Navigate to "more" and "Serial Keys" to find the serial key you will need to register your purchase. Continue on to https://forum.egosoft.com/ucp.php?i=-egosoft-settings-ucp-gamereg_module&mode=gamereg and enter the serial key you found on GOG.com into the "Game Registration Code" field at the bottom. Click "Submit" to register your game. Your copy of X4 will afterwards show up in the list of game registration codes.

Step 2: Enable the Multiverse Team Seasons updating mechanism in X4: Foundations
In the X4 main menu, visit the "Online Features" menu and enable the "Check for Downloads" entry. This must be enabled for the automatic updating mechanism to download and verify the Multiverse Team Seasons data on gamestart.

Step 3: Log in using your Egosoft (forum) account
In the X4 main menu, select "Online Features" and log in using your Egosoft forum username and password.

Step 4: Load any of your existing (unmodified) X4 savegames or start a new game

Step 5: Build a Venture Dock and Venture Platform on a station
Building the dock is a relatively cheap and quick process, and once it is finished you have a shiny new Venture Dock. You can visit the Venture Platform from any elevator on this station, and from there you can see and control the dock.

Step 6: Convert your savegame to an online save
Selecting the "Show Multiverse Map" button in your game will trigger a message asking you to convert your savegame into an online save. This is mandatory to participate in Multiverse Team Seasons. There can be only one online save at a time on your account.

Step 7: Join a Coalition
This is as simple as pressing a button, but you should first read what each Coalition has to offer for this season. The stories and rewards shown here can change from season to season.

Step 8: Join or create a Team
Joining a Team can be as simple as clicking on the Join Random Team button, but you can also choose to create a party or accept invitations from your friends, in order to play with people you know.

You are now all set and ready to play local missions, as well as online Ventures with your teammates, and battle for the rewards the multiverse has to offer.
posted by Gregory
12.Apr.23 『X4: Kingdom End』と大型アップデート 6.00の配信開始
とうとうこの日がやってきました。『X4: Kingdom End』を購入し、アップデート 6.00を適用すると、魅惑の新章が始まります。ボロンとの待望の再会はもちろん、ユニークな艦船、特殊な星系、そして過去の秘密と新たな出会いが待ち受ける宇宙へと乗り出そう。

Xユニバースでおなじみの全種族が今回の拡張パックでそろうことを記念し、『X4』のバンドルを新たに2種類用意しました。『Community of Planets Edition』に含まれているのはゲームコンテンツだけですので説明を割愛し、新しい『Collector's Edition』を紹介します。
詳細は、新しいバンドルのストアページ、『X4: Community of Planets Collector's Edition』でご確認ください。

アップデート 6.00
『X4: Foundations』の無料大規模アップデート 6.00ではさまざまな点が大きく改善されています。このお知らせの最後に全変更点をつけましたが、特に注目していただきたい点をいくつか紹介します。

? 「X TECH 5」

? 新しい物理演算エンジン
「Jolt Physics」を「X TECH 5」に統合した『X4: Foundations』で、宇宙はますますスリリングになります。小惑星帯の航行、宇宙ステーションへのドッキング、戦闘──「Jolt Physics」はどんな瞬間でも新次元のリアリズムと没入感を可能にします。船を操縦していると加速と減速にかかるすべての力を感じられますし、衝突が起きると目に見える形で影響が生じます。「Jolt Physics」の統合により、ゲーム体験全体が向上するだけではなく、「X TECH 5」のパフォーマンスと機能も改善されます。

? 進化したライティング
「X TECH 5」の新しいライティングエンジンの主な目的は、宇宙空間における自然な太陽光の表現力、具体的にはより鮮やかな色、苛烈な太陽、そして関心を引き起こすライティングムードを高めることです。「X TECH 5」では、この目的を達成するために、さまざまな新しいツールを用意しました。たとえば反射プローブは、操縦席やブリッジ、ステーション内のライティング環境を大幅に改善し、『X4』の前バージョンで実装されたスクリーンスペースの反射とシームレスな統合を可能にしました。また、シャドウキャスティングの技術も大幅に改善され、より遠くまで、よりリアルな描写をおこなう上で役に立っています。

? 視差オクルージョンマッピングの導入
視差オクルージョンマッピングの導入により、「X TECH 5」では、ゲーム内オブジェクトの表面表現に従来よりディテールと深みを増すことが可能になりました。オブジェクトの表面の高さや形状に関する情報をエンコードした特殊なテクスチャを使用することで、3D空間に奥行きとディテールの錯覚を生じさせるために実装しました。視差オクルージョンマッピングによって、これまでは表現しきれなかった微細なディテールや奥行きが描写できるようになりました。オブジェクトの表面がよりリアルにしたことで、向上した没入感の向上にご期待ください。

? 陣地防衛
アップデート 6.00の新機能、「陣地防衛」では、1隻の空母を中心とする艦隊が、効率的な支援体制を維持したまま複数のエリアを防衛することが可能です。下位グループに特定エリアの防衛を割り当てると、修理や補給のために空母に帰還する必要が生じるまで、そのエリアを巡視します。さらに、その下位グループには、艦隊内のほかのグループが脅威と遭遇した場合、支援するよう設定することができます。これによって艦隊ひとつで複数の場所を柔軟かつ流動的に防衛することが可能になります。この新機能が実際のゲームプレイをどのように向上させるのか、ご期待ください。

? ライブストリームカメラモード
「ライブストリーム」は『X4: Foundations』に導入されるまったく新しいカメラモードで、これまでよりも出来事を身近に感じることができます。F6キーでライブストリームモードを有効にすると、ゲーム内で展開される興味深いイベントやシーンをリアルタイムで視聴できます。壮大な宇宙戦争やにぎやかな宇宙ステーション、美しい星雲もこのカメラモードにお任せください。ライブストリームモード最大の特徴は、シーンが自動的に切り替わるので出来事を見逃す心配がないことです。ゲーム内のもっとも興味深い瞬間を、ゆっくりとリラックスしてお楽しみいただけます。

アップデート 6.00 - 全変更点
posted by Gregory
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