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26.Jun.23 6.20 Public Beta starting  (12 Comments)
Following the recent rollout of the 6.10 update for X4: Foundations, we're ready to embark on the next stage of our journey: the 6.20 Public Beta. The 6.20 update is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to refine and improve your X4 experience.

Here are some of the highlights you can look forward to in the first beta version of 6.20:
  • Mission fixes
  • AI and ship movement improvements
  • Mouse steering mode tweaks
  • New hotkey bindings
  • Full text Czech localization
Please check out the complete changelog at the end of this news for more details.

Your feedback has always been an essential element driving the evolution of X4: Foundations, so we encourage you to participate in the 6.20 Public Beta and report your findings to our Public Beta Feedback forum.

How do I take part in the Public Beta?
Every player who owns X4: Foundations has the opportunity to download the new 6.20 Public Beta version. In order to ensure that beta participants are aware of the risks and rules involved, we ask all interested players to visit our forum, where they will find the rules and disclaimers, as well as practical instructions for participating in the beta. Follow this link to our forum (no registration required) to find the relevant information.

Thank you for your continued support, and we can't wait to see you in the 6.20 Public Beta universe!

>> 6.20 Public Beta 1 Changelog
posted by Gregory
20.Jun.23 Update 6.10 now available  (3 Comments)
Just over two months have passed since the release of X4: Kingdom End and the 6.00 update for X4: Foundations. Both new releases resulted in some very successful weeks of business for us. Kingdom End, for example, was in the top 5 most successful new DLCs on Steam in April, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for your continued support. As we've mentioned before, we have further plans for X4, which we will reveal properly when the time is right. We have also recently given you our first few small insights into 7.00.

There is still some time to go before 7.00 is ready, however, so today we're taking the first of several intermediate steps on that path with the release of the 6.10 update for X4: Foundations. This update does not come with our usual long changelog - the most urgent fixes have already been released in the form of hotfixes shortly after the X4: Kingdom End and the 6.00 release. Instead the 6.10 update is primarily a technical update to allow those who have been participating in the Multiverse Team Seasons Public Beta to move back onto a release version.

And of course we won't be leaving it at that! The Public Beta phase for a new 6.20 update will start very soon. As soon as it does start, we will of course inform you in the usual fashion. Thank you for your continued support and see you soon!

Update 6.10 Changelog
Note: The 6.10 update is primarily a technical update to allow those who have been participating in the MTS Public Beta to move back onto a release version.
  • Added summary of docked player-owned ships to objects in Object List and Property Owned menus.
  • Fixed seminars given to service crew and marines not being applied correctly.
  • Fixed being able to sell non-sellable ships under certain circumstances.
posted by Gregory
14.Jun.23 Multiverse Team Seasons: Season 1 Beta ends, preparing for the next steps  (130 Comments)
With the end of the first beta season of our Multiverse Team Seasons today, here's a short update from Egosoft founder and Managing Director Bernd Lehahn:

Hello Everybody,

First, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Multiverse Team Seasons public beta. We have learned a lot from this initial large-scale test, in terms of both gameplay and technical infrastructure. In the Season 1 Beta, a total of 373,965 ventures were started, and during these ventures there were 38,729 ship encounters, resulting in the destruction of 1,913 ships.

The development of our online mode, while not being a top priority, will continue over the next few months. During this time, we will implement some drastic changes, which are based on what we learned from observing this public beta and from all the feedback you guys have provided! Thank you very much for that.

Given that some of the planned changes are quite substantial, it will take a while before we are in a position to start the next public beta. Any rewards you have gained through playing the beta will remain available, even in new game starts. Please note that you will need to stay in the Multiverse Team Seasons Public Beta branch until we publicly release the 6.10 update for X4: Foundations, hopefully in the very near future, in order to access these rewards and to continue using any savegames you've made during the beta.

So, to reiterate, you can now have an extended break from Multiverse Team Seasons and will be able return to your other duties in the X universe - or, if you really must, other games ;-)

Thank you for testing!

posted by Gregory
01.Jun.23 XLOG: A Vision for 7.00  (61 Comments)
Join Egosoft Managing Director Bernd Lehahn as he shares our early ideas and plans for the next big update to X4: Foundations. We also take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your support during the launch of X4: Kingdom End and the major 6.00 Update earlier this year. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the X4 universe!

Watch the video here: XLOG ? A Vision for 7.00 ✨ (YouTube)
posted by Gregory
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