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15.Dec.16 X Rebirth VR Edition, X4 et des mises à jour pour X Rebirth et pour les jeux  (60 Comments)
Il est à nouveau temps pour nous de tous vous souhaiter un joyeux Noël et mes meilleurs vœux pour la nouvelle année. Et c'est aussi le moment de l'année où, normalement, nous commençons à parler d'un nouveau jeu ou d'une nouvelle extension.

L'an passé, c'était Home of Light, et encore avant nous avons eu The Teladi Outpost. Ces deux extensions pour X Rebirth ont reçu de nombreux retours positifs et ça nous a aidés à montrer X Rebirth 4.0 sous un meilleur jour.

Cette année, j'ai plusieurs choses vraiment palpitantes que je peux partager avec vous :

  • La mise à jour 4.10 de X Rebirth est presque prête, tout comme des mises à jour pour X3AP et X3TC.

  • Il va y avoir un jeu en RV basé sur X Rebirth et qui portera le nom très surprenant de X Rebirth VR Edition.

  • 3. X4 est en cours de développement !

Read all about these exciting projects in the latest issue of our X Universe News and share your thoughts on our forum!
posted by Bernd
08.Jul.16 Updated X3TC and X3AP  (43 Comments)
X3: Terran Conflict 3.2d and X3: Albion Prelude 3.1a are now available.

These are small technical updates for Windows only and do not contain any new gameplay features.

• Fixed selection of wrong graphics card on systems (particularly laptops) that have dual graphics.
• Fixed issue with menu performance on systems with particular AMD graphics hardware and driver combinations.

For Steam users, both games should update automatically provided your Steam client is configured to do this. For GOG users, both with and without Galaxy client, the update is available from GOG. For everyone else, the patch for X3TC can be found in our download area.
posted by KlausM
15.Mar.16 Forum server move completed.
UPDATE March 15th: The move has been successfully completed and everything should be back to normal now.

Our forum server will move to a new data center during the night from 14/Mar/2016, 19:00h to 15/Mar/2016, 08:00h (GMT+1).

Forum and website login functionality will not be available during this time.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
posted by BurnIt!
25.Feb.16 Announcing X Rebirth 4.0 and the Home of Light DLC!  (82 Comments)
We are pleased to announce yet another free update to X Rebirth, along with a new DLC called Home of Light which is available to buy now.

Key new features of 4.0 include:
  • Bulletin board system to keep track of offered missions.
  • Major overhaul of external view (enabled menus, target elements, external view in highways, and more).
  • Orders for multiple selected ships in the Property Owned menu (replaces 'Broadcast' order).
  • Trade Deals menu with profit estimates.
  • Economy logging and statistics.
  • Time acceleration using SETA.
  • New mission to obtain player ship jump drive.
  • New missions to hack stations and obtain rare or valuable items.
  • You can now find and craft rare weapon modifications that increase your weapon's stats when installed.
  • New in-game tutorials.
  • OS X and Linux versions now join Windows on full release.

The Home of Light DLC is the second expansion for X Rebirth and establishes the access to three new star systems, including the well-known Home of Light, home of the powerful TerraCorp.

X Rebirth DLC Home of Light on Steam

For more details take a look at our new trailer and explanation videos which cover both the 4.0 update and the Home of Light DLC:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hySENB0kQzw (4.0 / HoL explained)

There's more good news too!
  • A new X Rebirth "Complete Edition" which includes both The Teladi Outpost and Home of Light DLCs is now available on Steam if you haven't yet bought the game.
  • X Rebirth and the X Rebirth "Complete Edition" are also now available on GOG, for Windows, OS X and Linux.
  • X Rebirth "Complete Edition" (listed as "X Rebirth Home of Light") is also available on the Apple App Store, for OS X only of course.
  • For those who are still undecided, we have a free demo available on Steam and a limited "Free Edition" on the App Store ("X Rebirth Home of Light Free").
  • Soundtracks for The Teladi Outpost and Home of Light are now available on Amazon and iTunes.
  • Farnham's Legend, the first of the X series novels by Helge T. Kautz, is now available as an ebook on Amazon.
posted by BurnIt!
27.Jan.16 X-Universe Wiki  (12 Comments)
X Rebirth WikiEgosoft is pleased to announce the release of its official Wiki system, where you can read and even contribute content regarding the latest X-Universe games.

Head over to the Wiki now to see what's there already.

posted by BurnIt!
22.Dec.15 Happy Holidays Everyone  (33 Comments)
The entire Egosoft team wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We would like to thank all our fans for their continued support and wish you all happy holidays and a great start into 2016!

Enjoy the holidays and see you next year.

For more pictures from our Christmas party GoKarting event, check out the comments.
posted by BurnIt!
14.Dec.15 Announcing X Rebirth 4.0 and Home of Light  (260 Comments)
X Rebirth: Home of LightToday EGOSOFT announces the new expansion "Home of Light" as well as update 4.0 for X Rebirth, both to be released in February 2016!

Home of Light (HoL) is an exciting expansion of the X Rebirth universe and makes the best use of the many new features of X Rebirth 4.0:

(HoL) Much larger universe: The Home of Light expansion will bring three entire new systems, including the central Home of Light, known from the X3 games, with a massive new economy.

(HoL and 4.0) Bulletin Board System (BBS): The new BBS system collects all currently available missions in space for an easier overview.

(4.0) Trade improvements: Graphs showing market developments over time, a best deal finder and many UI improvements to make trading easier.

(4.0) New engine technology: Extend your ship with a Jump Drive and other new technology to travel through the universe quicker than ever.

(HoL) Trade stations: A new station type allows you to stock large amounts of any wares you like. Buy up goods when they're cheap and sell when the price is high, or when your competitors' stations mysteriously explode.

(4.0) Customizable weapon upgrades: Craft weapon modifications to improve your favorite weapons.

(HoL and 4.0) New enemies, new weapons, new missions, new and mysterious phenomena.

(HoL and 4.0) Many new secrets to explore in the outskirts of the ever-growing X universe.

The Home of Light expansion can be pre-ordered NOW at a 20% discount for just 7.99 € on Steam.

X Rebirth Update 4.0 will be released for free.

Coming in early 2016 will be the new X Rebirth complete package, including The Teladi Outpost and Home of Light for just 49.99 €. Available on Steam, GOG, or directly from egosoft.com.
posted by KlausM
02.Sep.15 Announcing X Rebirth 3.60  (22 Comments)
Our newest update for X Rebirth, 3.60, is now available to everyone! It includes several handy improvements and the usual array of fixes, as well as an experimental new flight mode that we'd like everyone's feedback on.

Take a look at the video we've made to accompany this update to find out more, and to get a few hints on our future plans.

posted by CBJ
03.Apr.15 The great X Rebirth video competition  (62 Comments)
Update: The video competition is over now. We watched all videos and were able to determine a winner: Congratulations to Aken_Bosch, whose name will be immortalized in X Rebirth and who receives a signed poster plus another prize. Here is the winning entry:

A big thank you goes to all the other participants as well. Your creativity and passion with showing how you influence the X-Universe did impress us!

Given the size of the field in the competition, all of the competitors should receive a prize. Over the next days, we will get in contact with all contestants to arrange the dispatch of their well-earned prizes.


Up to the 26th April you still have the chance to participate in the X Rebirth video competition to win great prizes. Among those are Steam keys for different games, books and, as a grand prize, the immortalization of the winner's name in X Rebirth.

What you have to do for it? Create a video of X Rebirth showing us how you influence the X Rebirth universe. Whether you want to tell a story, show a big battle between capital ships or illustrate the competition between the different factions and corporations is totally up to you. A jury, consisting of the X Rebirth developers, will evaluate the videos and choose the best ones.

For more information, please visit the video competition announcement topic.
posted by X2-Illuminatus
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